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La UCO con Ucrania

Paz y Libertad para Ucrania

Peace and Freedom for Ukraine

Мир и свободу Украине

UCOPress List of Services


UCOPress aims to disseminate and publish national and international researches in order to promote publication activities in accordance with the University of Cordoba needs, which is committed to the development and research for society improvement with the UCOPress quality label.


UCOPress Tasks

 1. To publish the University Community Members' researches. 

 2. To promote the publication of national and international scientific works.

 3. To promote the publication of cultural works.

 4. To promote the publication of cultural creative works.

 5. To promote the publication of basic teaching support materials.

 6. To publish institutional works by the University of Cordoba.

 7. To manage and channel sales, distribution and the exchange of publications in all its forms (monographs, serial publications and periodicals).

 8. To promote the dissemination and the impact of all the works published by UCOPress.


UCOPress Services

       1. The processing of legal records (ISBN, ISSN, Legal Deposit, Digital Object Identifier).


2. To ensure technological development in accordance with market demands. 


3. Management of copyright and exploitation of contents.


4. Incorporation of UCOPress contents to Broadcasting Service of the Cordoba University Library. 


5. Validation and certification of scientific merit for authors and reviewers.


6. To publish serial and periodical works produced by UCOPress deemed appropriate in open access repositories.


 7. The cooperation with the Services and Institutions of the University of Cordoba.


 8. To enhance the Andalusian and Spanish Publishing Structure.


 9. The conservation, management and marketing of the UCOPress list of titles.


Users' rights

 1. Effective and operational user service.

 2. Technical advice and administrative support.

 3. Dissemination of UCOPress list of titles.

 4. Data privacy in accordance with the current regulations.

 5. Compliance of the legal rights in accordance with the Publishing agreement-

 6. Disabled Persons Care.

 7. Promotion of gender equality.


Users' engagement

1. Implementation of public activities aimed to publicise authors, works and the publishing world as a whole.

2. Dissemination of the published works by UCOPress through the appropriate channels to the University and Scientific Community.




Campus Universiario de Rabanales
Ctra. Nacional IV. Km. 396
14071, Córdoba (Spain)






0034 957 21 81 26 (Administration)
0034 957 21 81 25 (Production)
0034 957 21 21 65 (Distribution)


0034 957 21 81 96


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