Jueves, Noviembre 12, 2009

Cycling at a professional level affects the quality of sperm

Diana VaamondeProfessional cycling directly affects the sperm quality of the cyclists. That is one of the main conclusions of the study which was directed and presented by Professor Diana Vaamonde, from the University of Cordova, at the Annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, held recently in Amsterdam.

The study, coauthored by Dr. Da Silva Grigoletto, from the Andalusian Center of Sports Medicine, and Dr. García Manso, from the University of Las Palmas, expanded on a previous observation, in which resistance training causes changes in hormones and in semen quality. That is why they decided to comparatively analyze the quality of sperm in triathletes, who train in one of the most difficult sports which combines swimming, cycling and running. Thus, it was determined that cycling, the part in which triathletes spend the most time training, was the only one showing a direct relationship to the quality of spermatozoids. More specifically, to do the research, Vaamonde studied the morphological aspects of the semen of 15 Spanish triathletes, with an average age of 33, who compete at an international level.

In the study’s conclusions, which have been widely spread in the international scientific community, Vaamonde maintains that there is an inverse correlation between the shape of the head, tail and basal body of the spermatozoids and hours spent cycling per week. So, all the triathletes had less than 10% of the normal spermatozoids and some of them –those that systematically cycled 300 kilometers a week– had less than 4%, which is considered a fertility problem.

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