The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a pioneer at the University of Cordoba, offers degree programmes in Veterinary Medicine and Food Technology. The Faculty is currently located on Rabanales Campus, and is mainly oriented towards the agricultural and food sciences. The campus is adjacent to the Rabanales-21 Technological Park.

The programme in Veterinary Medicine, which is the only one of its kind in Andalusia, dates back to 1847 when the School of Veterinary Medicine was founded. In 1943 the school became a Faculty. The current programme of studies was implemented in the 2003-2004 academic year and is governed by European directives under the supervision of the EAEVE.

The programme in Food Science and Technology was incorporated into the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as one of the UCO’s own degree programmes in 1989. The current programme was implemented in the 2001-2002 academic year. Instruction is given in conjunction with the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Granada.

The teaching faculty participates in the Master’s programme in “Animal Medicine, Health and Improvement”, the postgraduate course in “Grape and Wine Production and Agri-foods” and the Master’s programmes in “Grape and Wine Production in Warm Climates” and in “Agri-foods”. These three programmes are organised in conjunction with the University of Cadiz. The Doctoral course in “Zootechnics and Sustainable Development: Sheep and Goats” is a joint programme with the University of Seville.