Keynote Speakers


Mining the Integrated Connectedness of Biomedical Systems

by Prof. Dr. Natasa Przulj

Abstract: We are faced with a flood of molecular and clinical data. Various bio-molecules interact in a cell to perform biological function, forming large, complex systems. Large-scale patient-specific omics datasets are increasingly becoming available, providing heterogeneous, but complementary information about cells, tissues and diseases. The challenge is how to mine these interacting, complex, complementary data systems to answer fundamental biological and medical questions…

Yingxu Wang

From Neuroinformatics, Bioinformatics to Cognitive Informatics, Brain Informatics and Computational Medical Applications

by Prof. Dr. Yingxu Wang

Abstract: Latest advances in deep machine learning, big data analytics, and computational intelligence in medical science and clinical practice have let to novel Computational Medical Systems (CMS) such as those of medical image diagnosis, drug design, and genetic analysis. CMS is underpinned by transdisciplinary theories and foundations across neuroinformatics, bioinformatics, cognitive informatics, brain informatics, and denotational mathematics from the bottom up. This keynote presents a synergized framework of CMS…


From biomarkers to disease mechanisms in the transition to precision medicine

by Prof. Dr. Joaquin Dopazo

Abstract: Precision medicine aims to find better ways of defining diseases by gradually substituting conventional pathological diagnostic criteria with state-of-the-art molecular profiling methodologies. More precise diagnostic of diseases is facilitated by the use of increasingly cheaper and more precise sequencing technologies that enables the discovery of new biomarkers by statistical association of phenotypes to genomic variants…