Tecnichal Committee on Life Science

The Technical Committee on Computational Life Sciences (TCCLS) promotes research in all aspects of computational methods and tools with applications in Life Sciences, with a particular emphasis in biology, medicine and healthcare services. It provides a platform for practitioners and researchers to exchange information and resources related to the fields of bioinformatics, Systems Biology, medicine, and healthcare informatics.

The TC sponsors scientific conferences as well as workshops and PhD schools.

Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba

IMIBIC supports the organization of CBMS 2019 providing its plenary room for the presentation of Keynote Speakers talks.

Hospital Reina Sofia

Hospital Reina Sofia supports the organization of CBMS 2019 providing 4 rooms and space in the hall for the whole event organization.


Fibratel supports the organization of CBMS 2019 providing a high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection for the whole event.

Grupo FIBRATEL is a global integrator of IT solutions that connects companies to the world of technologies and helps them in their digital transformation by being their technological partner.

We add innovation, knowledge, and flexibility to design, develop and manage the most appropriate solutions for our clients: Unified Communications, WiFi, Data, Networking, Virtualization, Storage, Smart Space, CPD, Cabling, Structured, Energy, Cybersecurity …

In these 26 years, we have managed to be a benchmark company in the communications sector that meets the strictest quality standards in the industry. We have a long experience of successes and satisfied customers that are the best guarantee to address all types of projects.

Grupo Solutia

Grupo Solutia it’s a group of companies related to the new technologies sector. It is dedicated to the distribution, configuration, and maintenance of ICT solutions, offering global support to the needs of their clients with innovative products and services.

Grupo Solutia is a Silver sponsor of CBMS 2019.