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Greenfield Techonolgies presents the Best Practices of LIFE INNOCEREAL EU during a digitisation conference organised by ICE and ITAGRA.CT

On 30 January, Jorge Blanco, head of R&D at Greenfield Technologies, gave a talk on the importance of knowledge of soil variability in crop management, entitled “How to take advantage of soil variability in the efficient management of crops”, at a conference on digitisation organised by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y Leon (ICE) and the Agricultural and Agri-Food Technology Centre (ITAGRA. CT), in the framework of the Training and Support Programme for Business R&D&I Centr@Tec.

Jorge Blanco’s presentation reviewed European policies on efficiency and sustainability in crop and soil management, highlighting the urgent need to use digitalisation to achieve the objectives of the European Green Pact, the “From Farm to Fork” strategy and the CAP Strategic Plan approved for Spain. In this context, Jorge Blanco has exposed one of the methodologies of zoning of soil properties in crop soil that is being used in the LIFE INNOCEREAL project as a tool for Good Agricultural Practices, which allow an improvement in the management of the value chain of cereal, a crop of great importance both in the province of Palencia and at regional level.

On the other hand, in the final part of the day on the 30th, Jorge Blanco was present at the round table “Digitalisation: the great land of agriculture” where, together with other companies and farmers, they highlighted the high need for continuous training for the agri-food sector in the use and analysis of digital tools and the transfer of knowledge by companies and institutions.