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LIFE Innocereal EU meets with the Directorate for Agricultural Production and Markets

The beneficiaries of LIFE Innocereal EU, Agrifood Comunicación and the Spanish Association of Cereal Technicians (AETC), have presented the progress of the project to Ana Rodríguez Almansa, Director General of Agricultural Productions and Markets, in a meeting in which both agreed that the food industry faces a number of challenges that need to be addressed. The most relevant and impacting on the cereal industry in Europe is the disconnection between the sectors of the value chain, which makes it difficult to comply with the 2030 climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies established in the green agreements.

In this sense, the European project aims to facilitate the transition to low-emission cereal production in Europe through technological innovation, improved environmental and economic profitability and the revalorisation of the industry across the entire production chain.