University of Cordoba

Founded in 1972, it is the heir of the Free University of Cordoba, dating back to the end of the 19th century. The course offer is very large and the University stands out for its specialization in the natural sciences (especially veterinary), food and agriculture technology, health (the degrees in Nursing and Medicine are intimately bound to the University Hospital Reina Sofia, the national leader in organ transplantation), and humanities and social sciences. Better known as UCO, it has approximately 15,000 national students and hosts 600 international students every year. In addition, it is regarded as one of the leading, most productive national research institutions.

The University is structured in three large campuses: the Social-legal campus, located in the city center; the Health campus, located in the West of Cordoba, and the Technical, Scientific, and Food and Agriculture campus of Rabanales, located in the East of the city. Furthermore, the UCO hosts the Technical College of Belmez, located seventy kilometers away from the capital city, where the degrees in Civil Engineering and Energy Resources and Mining Engineering are taught.

Vice-Chancellor’s Office at the University of Cordoba (Rectorado)

Rectorado de la Universidad de CórdobaThe 11th AELCO International Conference will take place at the Vice-Chancellor’s Office of the University of Cordoba, formerly used as the Faculty of Veterinary building (1941-1997). Located in Medina Azahara, 7, opposite the old Cavalry headquarters, it was inaugurated as the University administration building in 2000. The building looks really impressive thanks to its Neomudéjar style, present in both its structure and decoration. It was built during the 1921-1926 period, when it brought to Córdoba travellers from all over the world seeking to discover samples of Spanish-Muslim architecture. Its construction was completed with a beautiful front garden and a number of little ponds where the water flows under the shade of the orange trees, which makes the place even more attractive.

Faculty of Arts

Puerta Facultad Filosofía y Letras



The Faculty of Arts is located in an emblematic building that was the former Cardinal Salazar Hospital, situated on the Jewish Quarter and very close to the Mosque-Cathedral. The building is one of the most interesting examples of the 18th-century civil arquitecture in the city and houses the Chapel of San Bartolome, one of the most important examples of Mudejar art in the province of Córdoba.