Córdoba enjoys a privileged geographical situation and can be reached in less than 3 hours from any of the following airports:


  • Málaga:

At the Airport please ask for the Cercanías train station and get your ticket there to Málaga-María Zambrano Train Station (please try to have some cash on you as you may need to get your ticket from a vending machine, price: 3 euros approx.). Please make sure you choose the platform for the train bound for Málaga Centre. You can check the schedule selecting “Origen: Aeropuerto” – “Destino: Málaga-María Zambrano” and the hour interval you are interested in here. The Cercanías runs every 20′ and the journey takes about 8′. At Málaga-María Zambrano Train Station you can buy your ticket to Córdoba (55′-trip), there is a train almost every hour. Please check the Spanish railway company RENFE website for the schedule and/or getting your ticket (select ‘Córdoba’).

Málaga-Córdoba by car: take the A-45 Highway, 187 km aprox.


  • Seville:

At Arrivals you need to take the EA bus line (Especial Aeropuerto) to Seville (click here for more information). Turn left out of the Arrivals building, you will see the bus stop and/or some iron bars marking where to queue for the bus. Ask the bus driver or an assistant who should be by the bus stop for a ticket to ‘Estación de Santa Justa’. At Santa Justa Train Station you can buy your ticket to Córdoba. There are two types of train: AVE/Avant, 45′-trip, and Media Distancia (MD), 1h20′-trip. Please check the Spanish railway company RENFE website for the schedule and/or getting your ticket (select ‘Córdoba’).

Seville-Córdoba by car: take the A-4 Highway, 138 km aprox.


  • Madrid. There are three ways to reach Córdoba:

1) Madrid-Córdoba by train. You can get to Atocha Train Station by train, bus or taxi:

  1. Train. Madrid-Barajas Airport is connected to Atocha by the C1 line (25′-trip, light blue color line on this map, click here for more information on schedule). The train station is on the first floor of Terminal 4 (T4), but there is shuttle bus service from other terminals to this one.
  2. Bus. The line 203 or Exprés Aeropuerto (Airport express) is the express line connecting Atocha and Madrid-Barajas Airport (Atocha/Cibeles – O’Donnell – Airport). The bus runs 24 hours 365 days a year,  you can find the bus stops at Terminal 1 on floors 0 (Arrivals area) and 1 (Departures area). Atocha bus stop (beginning/end of route) works only from 6:00h to 23:30h. Overnight, bus stop beginning/end of route is in central Madrid, it is called Plaza de Cibeles (you can reach Atocha from here by taking buses N9, N10, N11, N13, bus stop: “Intercambiador de Atocha”, and buses N12, N14, N15, N17, bus stop “Plaza del Emperador Carlos V”; please click here to get more information on prices and schedule), and the bus is renamed as N27 Exprés Aeropuerto. It runs every 15-20′ during daytime (6:00h to 23:30h) and every 35′ at overnight (23:30h to 6:00h). The journey takes around 40′.
  3. Taxi. The price should be 35 euros approx.

Once you are at Atocha Train Station, you can buy your ticket to Córdoba (the price for a one-way ticket ranges from 38 euros (promo ticket, no changes, early booking) to 100 euros, 1h45′-trip). Please check the Spanish railway company RENFE website for the schedule and/or getting your ticket (select ‘Córdoba’).

2) Madrid-Córdoba by bus. The cheapest option to reach Córdoba is by bus. You can take a direct bus at Terminal 1 (price for a one-way ticket between 17-24 euros, 5h30′-trip). Also, you can reach “Madrid-Estación Sur” bus station (C/ Méndez Álvaro, 83; how to get here from the airport is shown below) in the city centre and take your bus to Córdoba from here (price for a one-way ticket between 17-24 euros, 4h30′-trip approx.). Please check this website for the schedule and/or getting your ticket.


3) Madrid-Córdoba by car: take the A-4 Highway, 402 km aprox.


The Conference venue is a 4’-walk from Córdoba’s Train or Bus Station. When you are at the station (train or bus), ask for the exit that takes you to ‘Bulevar Hernán Ruiz’. If you arrive by bus, you must cross the road towards the train station (in front of the bus station) and go through it, place yourself facing the tickets office, then turn right and exit through the door at the end of the corridor (West exit). Turn left out of the station and walk towards the pedestrian crossing, cross and turn right to go downstairs. At the pedestrian crossing you will be facing ‘Bulevar Hernán Ruiz’, cross and walk the “boulevard” until the end, then you will see the beautiful building with the red and white arches on your left.