Córdoba enjoys a privileged geographical situation and is strategically located as a means of communication between Europe and Africa, since it can be reached within two hours from any major arrival point (by air, by train, or by sea) in the Iberian Peninsula. Its geographical closeness to other cities in Andalusia with a large touristic offer must certainly be highlighted.


By air:

The closest airports are Madrid, Málaga, Seville, Granada, and Jerez, which are all located within approximately two hours from the city.


By car:

  • From Madrid: A-4 Highway, 402 km.
  • From Málaga: A-45 Highway, 187 km.
  • From Seville: A-4 Highway, 138 km.
  • From Granada: A-92 Highway to Seville up to Antequera and A-45 Highway to Córdoba, 203 km.
  • From Jerez: A-4 Highway, 232 km.

For further information about bus services, please visit Cordoba Bus Station website.


By train:

  • From Madrid: high speed train, 1h 50min approx.
  • From Málaga: high speed train, 50min approx.
  • From Seville: high speed train, 45min approx.
  • From Granada: 2h 30min approx.
  • From Jerez: 2h 30min approx.

For further information, please visit www.renfe.com.