Dear chairs,

In order to chair your panels, we kindly ask you to scrupulously follow the indications below:

  1. In each room, you will find a green folder, which will include your certificate and the certificate of the participants of your panel. Either at the end of the panel or at the end of each presentation, you must deliver these certificates. In case you find any incidence, take note and communicate it to the organizing committee as soon as possible.
  2. Along with the certificates, you will also find time cards. Remember that each presentation should last max. 20 minutes (including presentation and questions), so you must flash an 8-minute warning at 10 minutes, a 2-minute warning at 16 minutes, and a STOP warning at the 18-minute mark. At 20 minutes, participants must have finished their presentation to give time to the attendees to change rooms (if needed) and for the next participant to start on time. This time for room change could also be used for questions if necessary.
  3. In each room there will be (whenever possible) two collaborating students, who will give support to the moderators and will be able to assist them in case of need (water, computer and projector, etc.), as well as a pointer for the presentations.
  4. Whenever possible, try to have your panel’s presentations saved on the computer before starting the first to avoid wasting time between them.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee of AELCO 2018.

The conference program is already available. Click here

The abstract book is already available. Click here

Dear author,

As you will already be preparing your presentation for AELCO 2018, we inform you that the length of the presentation is 20 minutes in total (this time includes the paper presentation as well as at least 2 minutes for questions). This 20-minute slot will be followed by 5 minutes for room changes. Due to the high number of accepted presentations and the limited number of available rooms, we had to slightly reduce the time slot announced in the Calls for Papers, following the scheme adopted in the last three ICLA conferences.

The session chair will flash an 8-minute warning after 10 minutes, a 2-minute warning after 16 minutes, and a STOP warning at the 18-minute mark. After 20 minutes, presenters will have to stop so that audience members can change rooms, if need be, and the next presenter can set up. Once those that want to change room have left, the remaining room change time can be used for questions.

We hope this slight change will not be much of an inconvenience for you and thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
AELCO 2018 Organizing Committee