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Interreg Sudoe is a European Union funding programme to support regional development and cohesion in the regions of south-west Europe.

To address the common challenges faced by the Sudoe regions, such as climate change, social cohesion and territorial balance, we support cooperation projects between entities in the Member States that make up this area.

The Interreg Sudoe programme supports cooperation between the regions of south-west Europe. This programme supports public and private entities that act together to build solutions that address the transnational challenges of this vast territory in order to improve the quality of life of citizens.

For the 2021-2027 programming period, the Sudoe programme has an ERDF budget of €125 million, and supports cooperation projects by co-financing up to 75% of them through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The University of Cordoba will co-finance the remaining amount with its own personnel budgeted in the project.


The cooperation themes of the Interreg Sudoe programme are in line with the guidelines of European cohesion policy for the 2021-2027 cooperation period. These guidelines are set out in the European regulations in a number of Specific Objectives (SO) that programmes financed by the cohesion funds must support.

The 9 Specific Objectives supported by the Interreg Sudoe programme echo the 2 strategic guidelines that stem from the programme’s identity:



The Specific Objectives are distributed in 4 priorities:


Should you require any further information you may contact us through our email proyectos_internacionales.opi@uco.es or by telephone 957218039

To find out more you can visit Interreg Sudoe web.