The University of Cordoba is strongly committed to its R&D internationalization

Our participation in competitive international cooperation projects boosts innovation, knowledge transfer , environment development and competitiveness and also represents a major source of research funding and technological development. This entails an increment of our institution prestige.

In order to strengthen the support to its researchers, UCO have launched various promotion mechanisms and incentives for International R&D.

Regulation 30/2020 contains the Regulatory Bases for the granting of aid for participation in projects in international calls. See regulation here.

The 2022 Call for Proposals for grants to support the participation in projects from international calls for proposals can be consulted here.

Moreover, the UCO Governing Council, at its meeting of november 2, 2021, approved the amendment of the Regulations for the application and management of the International R&D at the University of Córdoba, previously approved by the Governing Council of March 25, 2015 (BOUCO 2015/00088, of March 25). See regulation