With a budget of 77,000 million euros (at current prices) for the period 2014-2020, the Horizon 2020 program is the main R+D resource of the European Union.




There are several instruments for participation in Horizon 2020:


  •      Research and Innovation Actions
  •      Innovation Actions
  •      Coordination and Support Actions
  •      Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
  •      Knowledge Frontiers – European Research Council(ERC).
  •      SMEs Instrument
  •      Others: pre commercial procurement/tenders ; Era-net; innovation prizes; fast track to innovation


H2020 Framework


Estrategias H2020




Mainly, Horizon 2020 grants to the participants non-refundable grants of up to 100% of the eligible costs of the project (direct costs plus 25% of indirect costs)
In the case of innovation actions, the grant will be limited to a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs, except in the case of non-profit entities (such as universities), where 100% will be maintained.
Generally, at least three participants from three member countries of the European Union are required. The projects will be written in English and will be evaluated under the criteria of excellence, impact and implementation.


H2020 Programme Introduction Guide can be checked in this link




Calls, documentation and applications are processed from the Funding and Tenders portal.