The European Commission, through various Directorates-General, set up various R&D programmes for international cooperation, each with its specific regulations and theme.

The most important, in terms of resources, are the so-called Framework Programs. During the years 2021-2027, the  IX Horizon Europe Framework Programme will be in force, offering financing in any area of science and innovation as well as various participation instruments.

Other outstanding programs within the European Union are:


In addition to the European Commission, other European and international organizations and institutions offer financing opportunities for R&D activities: CYTED; NIHEMBO



What are the benefits of participating in European programs?


  • Establish frameworks for collaboration with other national organizations and other countries
  • Access to updated information on the progress of research and technology in Europe
  • Access to new technologies, technological renovation and innovation in our organization
  • Privileged financing for research activities, technological development and demonstration
  • Image enhancement, prestige and positioning of our organization internationally
  • Solve current scientific and industrial problems, applying innovative solutions to the problems of the different sectors of European industry
  • Possibility of incentives and assistance to participation in such programmes