A UK-based chemical company is looking for novel safe antimicrobial technologies for multiple applications. The company is willing to invest to develop further and register the technology in Europe under BPR (Biocide Product Regulation) and elsewhere with a view to sell the technology in coatings, textiles, polymers, adhesives and elastomers. The chemical company seeks to partner with universities, research institutes and companies in the form of licensing agreement or technical cooperation.


Antimicrobial coatings are already being utilized in many fields. For instance, all ships (ranging from commercial vessels to small yachts are coated with anti-fouling. In many bathrooms, homes, hotels and institutions, anti-microbial paints and coatings are used to provide a range of benefits ranging from antibacterial properties to antialgae and antimould paints extending the lifetime of coatings and building materials or providing cosmetic benefits.

There are still many opportunities for use in places where, for reasons of safety or biocidal regulation, antimicrobial cannot currently be used safely. The UK-based chemical company is seeking new safer, durable antimicrobial technologies for coatings, textiles, polymers, adhesives and elastomers that potentially could be used in a variety of these applications. They are looking to source this technology from universities, research institutes as well as companies. It is envisaged that this partnership will take the form of a licensing agreement or a technical cooperation.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The UK based chemical company is looking for novel antimicrobial technologies and will consider technologies ranging from early stages of development, through to molecules that are well developed. The company wants to work with organisations to develop and overcome the significant regulatory hurdles to take these technologies to market.

As well as access to the molecules and their chemical composition, the company would also require access to any data generated to date on composition, physico-chemical properties, activity (efficacy) and human and environmental profiles. The company is looking for antimicrobial technology that is potent with good safety data and that is durable.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The UK company is looking to partner with universities, research institutions and companies that have developed novel antimicrobial technologies that have potent activity, are safe and suitable for use in coatings, textiles, polymers, adhesives and elastomers. The UK company will be looking to further develop and commercialise the technology with the partnership envisaged as a license agreement or a technical cooperation.

Los grupos de investigación que estén interesados, pueden contactar con la OTRI en la siguiente dirección: otri@uco.es Tlfno: 957-212058. Preguntar por Luis Barrón. Esta demanda caduca el 15/02/2019.