Fiducial Objects: Multiplanar customizable fiducial markers

Fiducial objects are fiducial markers introduced in the multiplanar space. They can be composed of any set of customizable fiducial markers, arranged in fully customizable structures. This approach allows for computing the camera pose in a more stable and robust manner, enhancing resistance to distortions. Moreover, the pose estimation process is achievable even by using individual parts of the fiducial object, without requiring the complete fiducial object to appear in the image.


We have prepared some initial tutorials in order to take a first contact with the tool!


To support the research community and encourage further exploration, we have made our code, tutorials, and applications readily accessible. Researchers and developers can now build and calibrate their custom fiducial objects using the comprehensive resources available at the following links:


If you use this library in your research, you must cite:

  1. García-Ruiz, P.; Romero-Ramirez, F.J.; Muñoz-Salinas, R.; Marín-Jiménez, M.J.; Medina-Carnicer, R. Fiducial Objects: Custom Design and Evaluation. Sensors 2023, 23, 9649.
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This software is licensed under MIT license.


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