Degree in Primary Education

Facilities and Material Resources

Facilities and Material Resources

The “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School is situated at 21 Avda.del Brillante in the city of Cordoba. The school is located on 7,583 m² of land. It has an entrance patio of 1,257 m² and an outside terrace of 4,662 m², including 37 parking spaces for teachers and administrative staff, and the sports ground. All the school grounds are fitted with outside lighting and the green spaces with sprinklers.
The building is 3051 m², comprising five floors, with air conditioning, security systems and internet connection.

  • Basement (710.84 m² )
  • Ground floor (331.55 m² )
  • First floor (706.62 m² )
  • Second floor (763.46 m² )
  • Third floor (538.53 m² )

A) Lecture Rooms



Technical and audiovisual teaching resources

Fixed screen, network access point (NAP), blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Fixed screen, network access point, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Fixed screen, NAP, moveable blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Overhead projector, DVD, microphone, fixed screen, NAP, blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.
Science laboratory.

In addition to the classrooms, the sports ground is used to give classes for PE students, where outdoor futsal, basketball, handball, and volleyball can be played. The school also uses external installations on a rental basis, when necessary, for teaching specific sports disciplines such as swimming, skiing, sailing and athletics. Next to the sports ground is a sports material storehouse of 50 m² and a portable cabin of 10 m², as well as two changing rooms.

B) Rooms

ICT Room 1
Capacity: 36
Resources: Overhead projector, fixed screen, network points and Wi-Fi signal, mobile whiteboard, smart board.

ICT Room 2
Capacity:2 4
Resources: Overhead projector, fixed screen, network points and Wi-Fi signal, mobile whiteboard, smart board.

Music Room
Capacity: 20
Resources: A wide range of string and percussion instruments, an electronic keyboard, stereo sound system, network access point, fixed stave blackboard, Wi-Fi signal.

Art Room
Capacity: 50
Resources: Large windows allowing for natural lighting, chalkboard, two large capacity cupboards and two shelving units, a video and DVD player, and suitable furnishings for art activities.

Student Assembly Hall
Capacity: 90
Resources: Overhead projector, DVD, 2 microphones, fixed screen, network connection and Wi-Fi signal.

Meeting Room
Capacity: 20
Resources: 32" LCD TV, photocopier, computer, Wi-Fi signal, fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

Rooms for Group Work
Four rooms equipped with whiteboards and suitable furniture are available for students to meet and do work. The total capacity is 32 places.

Special Needs Room
This room is equipped with three cupboards, a blackboard, a computer, two tables, four chairs and a two-way mirror which allows observing what the students in the Gessell chamber are doing. The room also has educational and speech therapy material (candles, tongue depressors, unbreakable mirrors, logical blocks, play dough, books, stories, puppets, puzzles, balls, hoops, dolls, mats, etc. )

Psychological Counselling Office
The office has a computer, chairs, filing cabinets and a relaxation chair.

Career Guidance Office
The office is equipped with a computer, meeting table, chairs and filing cabinets.

Office of the Registrar
The Office of the Registrar has four desks fitted with IT connection points. It also has a colour photocopier, scanner, printer, laser printer, and multifunction fax machine. Documents are filed in eight filing cabinets, as well as in a room where secretarial and administration files are kept.
The Office of the Registrar is located on the ground floor of the building.

Offices for Teaching Staff: There are 15 offices for teaching staff, each of which is equipped with the necessary IT equipment and maintained to the highest standard for the school staff.

Student Council Office: This office is suitably equipped for the Student Council to carry out its functions.

C) Library

The Library is a service which the school provides to members of the university community and other users, and has all the necessary materials for research, teaching and learning. The Library specializes in the fields of pedagogy, teaching methods, speech therapy, foreign languages (English), sign language, and religion. The Library catalogues have been fully automated since October 20th 1996.

The library is located on the lower ground floor of the building. People with disabilities have access through the lift. There is a direct emergency exit located in the reading room, which is equipped with air conditioning. The Library offers the following spaces:

Card Catalogue: Located in the hallway leading to the lecture room.

Reading Room: The reading room has wide north, east and south facing windows providing natural light. It has a surface area of 234.59 m² and a seating capacity for 120 users, 90 of which are fixed and distributed across 15 tables with seating for 6. This meets the needs of half of the 600 students enrolled at the school.
This year, 204 m of shelf space was installed in the room, increasing the shelving in the book deposit by 45.2%. This refurbishment has permitted faster and easier access to the materials, and increased user satisfaction.

Book Deposit
Area: 61.2 m²
Area of shelving: 450.8 m
This is accessed via the reading room. Only library, administration, teaching and research staff have access.

Group Work Rooms: There are four rooms for group work with 32 seats in total. These are located in the basement close to the reading room, described above.

New Technologies Room: Adjoining the reading room, this room is equipped with 36 computers which are always available to library users providing that a class is not taking place.


IT equipment: Eleven computers, eight of which are for use by students and three for the library staff. The 36 computers located in the New Technologies Room can be used 33.5 hours a week of the 45.5 hours the library is open. There is a scanner for use by the library staff.

Catalogue search points: 1 card catalogue with a search system by authors and subjects.

Data base search points: 11 computers in the Reading Room and through the school Intranet.

There is wireless signal throughout the Library.

Laptop connection points: 29


The total number of registered materials, including bibliographic and electronic materials, was 20,525 as of June 10th 2009.

  • Paper documents: reference materials, manuals, monographs, grey literature (official publications, theses, booklets) and journalistic publications.
  • Non-book materials: journalistic publications in electronic format, audio materials (audio tapes, CDs), audiovisual documents (VHS), and electronic documents (floppy discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, educational software).
  • Antique editions: A two volume copy of Don Quixote from the 19th century (1840)

Access to all the resources and services of the University of Cordoba's library is also available through their web page.


Certain materials can only be consulted within the reading room (reference books: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and other materials of which there is only one copy, or which are in high demand). These materials must be returned prior to closing each morning or evening session.

The loan period is three days. Renewals can be made for a further three days at the discretion of the library when the item has not been requested or reserved by another library member.

The library is equipped to print colour documents. Any documents must be printed at the Copy Shop.

Staff are informed by e-mail of the arrival of their requested materials and other materials which may be of interest to them, as well as recent publications.

This takes place at the beginning of the academic year and is part of the welcome day activities for first year students.

Through the school’s Intranet, users can access a guide for use of the library and resources developed by the library staff.

During the 2006/2007 academic year, steps were taken to establish a specific collaboration agreement between  the “Osio de Córdoba” religious university foundation and the University of Cordoba with the purpose of developing the “Sagrado Corazon” Library services. In June 2008, the final text of the agreement was drafted. The agreement was approved by the Government Council on 26 September 2008 and signed on 30 July 2010. This agreement is based on:

  • Art.2.2.j) of the Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December, on Universities and in art.3.j) of the Statutes, by which the University of Cordoba can subscribe collaboration agreements with public entities so that research groups, departments, university research institutes, services or teaching staff can conduct work of a scientific, technical or artistic nature, as well as specialised instruction or specific training activities;
  • Objectives of the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School Library: 4) To ensure that the university community has knowledge of and access to its collections, and to guarantee access to information available in other libraries and information centres; and 5) to participate in programmes and agreements aimed at improving their own services.

Under said agreement, the Library of the “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School will be adapted to the automated cataloguing practices of the University of Cordoba (by the Innopac Millennium integrated library management system). Moreover, a virtual location will be created within the “Mezquita” automated catalogue of the University of Cordoba with the title “Centro de Magisterio 'Sagrado Corazón'”. This will provide a link to the school’s automated catalogue.

Through the University Library, the University of Cordoba will supply the staff and necessary infrastructure for the project, specifically the staff to implement and develop the cataloguing services as well as the automated management software used by the University of Cordoba Library.

With a view to revising the work prior to the signing of the agreement, the director of the University Library will issue reports on the actions already taken and those to be carried out. The most recent report was issued on December 15th 2008.

The library has been evaluated by the students at the school and obtained a rating of 3.38 out of 5. This is only one percent below the other libraries of the University of Cordoba which given a rating of 3.39 out of 5.

D) Other Facilities

In addition to its teaching facilities, the school also has other resources to facilitate academic life:

  • The surveillance office of the school premises is located on the ground floor and is air conditioned. It is equipped with a video surveillance system (composed of 16 indoor cameras), an alarm system and a fire alarm system. This is also the centre of communications, the data server and loudspeaker system (there are speakers in all the corridors and 5 outdoor speakers).
  • The concierge desk is in charge of the telephone switchboard, the loudspeaker systems and the photocopying and printing service.
  • In the communal areas there are 6 tables for students, each of which has a seating capacity of 8 for group work.
  • Each professor has a pigeonhole (45 in total) where they receive notifications from the school and work from the students.
  • There are 21 toilets in the school building, two of which are for the use of disabled persons. All of the toilets are equipped with soap dispensers and electric hand dryers. In the women’s bathrooms there are sanitary bins.
  • There are two outdoor water fountains and four indoor cold water fountains.
  • To make up for the lack of a cafeteria, on the ground floor there are four vending machines: one for coffee, two for food items and one for soft drinks.
  • In the entrance hall and on each floor of the building there is a 42" LCD screen to provide information about the teaching and extra-academic activities of the school. The surveillance office is in charge of keeping the information up-to-date.
  • The school contributes to environmental conservation by providing students a bin to deposit used batteries and ink cartridges. The school has also signed an agreement with Solemccor by which the school commits itself to providing selective paper recycling bins throughout its facilities.
  • The school has an emergency plan for any events that may arise in the daily working of the school, including evacuation procedures. In order to implement the emergency plan, there is a school safety officer, a communications and control centre, alarm and evacuation equipment, and floor coordinators. Each floor of the school is equipped with a smoke alarm, emergency buttons, 6KG ABC dry chemical powder fire extinguishers and 5Kg CO2 extinguishers extinguishers, approved safety procedure signs, and interior networks of approved fire hose systems. For evacuation, there are 4 emergency exits, two fire escapes and illuminated emergency exits and signs.
  • On the ground floor there is a chapel (74.53m2), which has its own toilet, office and sacristy. Religious services are held twice a week for anyone wishing to attend.

The school also has its own IT technical maintenance service and general maintenance service. All other specialized maintenance services are externally contracted by the school and coordinated and supervised by the school’s administrative staff.

E) Canteen