“Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School is an affiliated centre to the University of Córdoba (Royal Decree 1625, 2 May).

It was founded in Priego de Córdoba in 1964 to provide academic instruction in Primary Education and its various specialisations.

Nowadays it offers Degree Programmes in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, and Teaching Certificates in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Speech-Language and Hearing, Foreign Language, Physical Education and Musical Education. The Teaching Certificates will be phased out as the new Degrees come on line.

In 1975 “Sagrado Corazón” Teacher Training School was relocated in Córdoba, first in the Salesian College “San Francisco de Sales”, then in Amador de los Ríos Street, and finally in the academic year 2006/2007 in the building Santo Ángel. It is located near the north ring road and the mountain range from Córdoba, in 21, Brillante Avenue. The closest bus stops are just 2 minutes from the school (bus lines 10 and 11).

The admission to the School will require the same academic requirements as the admission to the State Colleges. In accordance with current legislation and the agreement signed with the University of Córdoba, the studies at “Sagrado Corazon” Teacher Training School have the same effects as those pursued in the corresponding State Colleges.

The students in this affiliated Centre are considered students of the University of Cordoba, except for purposes of representation and participation in governing and representative bodies of this university.

The ownership of the School is held by the Foundation “Osio de Córdoba”, a religious association, of ecclesiastical, apostolic and charitable - educational nature.

Since its founding, this Center of Catholic ideology, has sought a comprehensive training of education professionals supported by:

  • Scientific formation of quality and solid pedagogic training in favour of the academic excellence of its students. The School prepares professionals committed and enthusiastic about a well-rounded education of children.
  • Personal training, which seeks, from a holistic conception of education and bearing in mind the ultimate goal of achieving full development of personality, to meet all the dimensions of the person, including the transcendent one; to train students in accordance with the Christian concept of life and train them to act as professionals of an authentic education inspired by the Gospel.
  • Teaching tailored to Europe. Teacher Training School “Sagrado Corazón”, aware of the need to provide quality education, has been doing its adaptation to the European Higher Education Area since the academic year 2006-2007.
  • Social commitment. The diffusion of knowledge and commitment to social progress are two of the aspirations of the University, fully consistent with the Christian understanding of life. Teacher Training School “Sagrado Corazón” provides an education in accordance with Gospel values and the Catholic social doctrine, which must be shown in a commitment to the most disadvantaged sectors of our society.