Predoctoral research

du4orrpb Dpt. Agricultural Economics, Finance and Accounting
University of Córdoba
Faculty of Law and Business Sciences
Puerta Nueva s/n. E-14071 Córdoba, Spain
phone-icon (+34) 640 775 679
email-icon jaime.martin@uco.es


I got my degree in Business Administration (2021) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) (2022) both at the University of Córdoba. Also, I obtained a Master in Applied Statistics for Data Science with R Software (2023) at the University of Nebrija (Madrid). Since 2022, I have been working at University in Agricultural Economics, Finance and Accounting department with a predoctoral contract including teaching charges.

I am currently a PhD Student in Social and Legal Sciences at the University of Córdoba. My thesis is focused on the green transition of agriculture regarding synergies and conflicts between socioeconomic and environmental farm performance.

Research Interests

My research is mainly devoted to support agricultural policy-making through studies focused on:

  • Farm economic and environmental performance
  • Comparative analysis of agricultural systems
  • Farm typologies based on latent class models

I am currently participating in projects TRANSECOag and FARMPERFORM (see Projects section for further information).

Most Relevant Peer-reviewed publications

Martín-García, J., Gómez-Limón, J.A. and Arriaza, M. (2024). Conversion to organic farming: Does it change the economic and environmental performance of fruit farms?, Ecological Economics 220:108178 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2024.108178

Martín-García, J., Gómez-Limón, J.A. and Arriaza, M. (2023). Conventional versus organic olive farming: which has a better economic performance?, Agricultural and Food Economics 11(1):51 doi:10.1186/s40100-023-00292-5